'Buy Bayern kit or go to jail' - German judge's unique sentence to assaulters

Faced with the possibility of 15 months imprisoned for attacking a rival fan, two football fans did the unthinkable

Diehard Real Madrid fans buying Barcelona kits, Liverpool supporters shopping in Manchester United's superstore, Roma ultras spending their hard-earned cash on a Lazio shirt... it's all very hard to imagine.

But a judge in Germany told two 1860 Munich fans to do just that by telling them that they must either buy the Bayern Munich supporter they attacked new club memorabilia or face up to 15 months in jail!

Munich district court house Judge Karin Jung was adjudicating on a case in which three 1860 supporters (two of whom were being charged) were alleged to have assaulted a Bayern fan by tearing off his jacket, shirt and straw hat, leaving him half naked.

"The two accused appeared very confident the trial would end in their favour," Jung, who is an 1860 Munich supporter, told Bild. "They showed no remorse, cast aside a confession chance and would not name the other perpetrators.

"It was like a highway robbery from the Middle Ages. I wanted to give a judgement that football is football, it's not a battlefield.

"I was thinking, 'what would really hurt a football fan?'. And these measures were what I came up with."

The lawyer defending the two unnamed 1860 supporters stressed that his clients had given a total of €1,000 to the victim in addition to fully kitting out the Bayern fan they attacked as they did not want to be imprisoned for 15 months without parole.

"My clients have already apologised to the Bayern fan and paid him €500 each for his pain and suffering," Gunter Reisinger said. "They even bought him the full Bayern jersey, a scarf and a new hat, all of which cost up to €100.

"There are not two hardcore football fans who would prefer to go to jail than buy kit from the Bayern shop. For my clients it was that or face the maximum penalty."

The unique decision was only possible because the victim consented to the judgement and, on Tuesday, he was handed his brand new Bayern clothing by the newly convicted criminals in court.